Monday, January 20, 2014


We took Luca to the Everglades on a rainy day over the holidays. It's absurd how gorgeous it is there, and how those alligators are such stunning creatures. I couldn't get enough of them, so creepy, so sweet, so vicious, so prehistoric. Kinda my new favorite animal, can't get enough of knowing about them.

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  1. One of my favorite quotes/facts ever from an equally greatest book ever by Diane Ackerman, "Moon By Whale Light: And other Adventures Among Bats, Penguins, Crocodilians, and Whales". Great facts, easy read… this book is responsible for my love affair with bats. :)

    "What was it you liked so much about crocodilians?"

    "Oh, many things. Crocodilians are a hundred times older than human beings, older than dinosaurs, older than flowers, even older than the continent of Africa."

    Older than flowers… :) I love it.


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