Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A dose of sea

How divine is she?
How badly do I wish I were her, on a beach, right now?
Ahhh, sooooon.

Handheld heart

Tonight Luca told me, "mama, I have two hearts, that's why I love so much!" Then he had me close my eyes and he ran to get something. When I opened them, he put this little heart bowl up to his chest and smiled, "seeeee..."

Yes, so much love.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg hunter

We may be finding eggs in our home for the next three months. Which could work out in my favor considering the happiness which fills Luca each time he finds one.

Such a great Easter. So many amazing friends and family. Simply perfect.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

I do

I used to think my wildest dream was that one day I'd get married. How un-girly is that?

And as I get older, never married, life has become less and less about people getting married. It's now about real love. And commitment. And respect. It's about solid friendship for eternity.

With age, I realize how much I love love. Real life love. Not wedding love, anyone can have that. It's the raw, deep shit I admire and live for.

Eternity. Love.


My girl jenny gifted me the amazing book, Humans Of New York. Luca and I are captivated by it, truly can't get enough.

These are our favorite ones.

Evoke the spirit

Obsessed with Instagram. And I love this one.

New family member!

Introducing Halfmoon Spiderman Goldie Fasolino, a Betta male fish we adopted today.

Luca and I are in heaven with this funny little guy.

Berry heart

Morning love.


It seems pretty simple to me. You enjoy the life of someone else. You get to tag along on their journey. And when the day is rough, you have a protector. If you're happy, another soul is happy too. If you're sad, they feel it. Two, becoming one. Making the life better.

So why is it so many people get it wrong?

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